Yoga is a jewel with many facets.

A gradual, practical system of stretching, postures, movement, conscious breathing, awareness and relaxation.  A noncompetitive method of self-rejuvenation involving every aspect of a persons being.

You may focus on all of the valuable aspects or just one.  Sort, pick, and choose what fits for you at this time or at any given moment.

Allow yourself to be wherever you are on your path.  You can use yoga as a tool to promote physical health, a peaceful break for yourself, and/or as a foundation for a complete spiritual practice.  Let it be your own healing experience.

Flowering Wilderness Heart Yoga is Marquette’s Original Yoga Studio.   Located at 150 W. Ridge Street we open our doors to all.  Young or old, physically fit or “out of shape”, religious or not.

For any questions please feel free to call the studio at:  906-228-8753

Or fill out the contact form you will find here:  Contact Form