About Yoga

Yoga is…
An ancient art which began in India over 6000 years ago.  In modern times yoga has spread to all corners of the world.  There is a philosophy of yoga, a science of yoga and a psychology of yoga.  Although yoga can be a spiritual path, yoga is not a religion.


Why Yoga?
When one witnesses the mind/body/spirit benifits of consistant yoga practice it becomes clear why yoga has stood the test of time.


Yoga can transform…
  • Improve flexibility of the muscles and joints
  • Enhance physical strength and stamina
  • Release accumulated tensions in the body
  • Realign the body to its natural balanced posture
  • Decelerate aging and deterioration processes

Internal Systems

  • Increase circulation to all parts of the body. Expedite purification and nourishment.
  • Tone vital organs/provide internal massage
  • Improve the efficiency of the cardiovascular,nervous, digestive, reproductive, immune, and endocrine/glandular systems.
  • Restore natural vitality/access life force energy
  • Facilitate energy conservation
  • Increase receptivity for healing throughrelaxation
Mental & Emotional
  • Re-balance stresses
  • Promote calmness and clarity of the mind
  • Allow new perspectives and attitudes to emerge
  • Deepen self-understanding and acceptance
  • Develop awareness of vast inner resources
  • Foster trust of inner wisdom and intuition
  • Open to experience of inner peace
  • Awaken to the present moment
  • Open the spirit to connectedness with all